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Our fibre glass silos are manufactured in the UK by EB Equipment and are made to the highest specification.

With capacities between 10 to 20 tonnes they are perfectly suited to a variety of applications including dairy, beef, sheep and poultry farming etc.

EB leads the way in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) silos and developed a unique process to produce a completely seamless one piece construction that is durable and totally water tight.


  • Single piece cone & body

  • No seams, joints or bolted sections

  • Corrosion resistant for long life

  • UV stabilized GRP material to protect contents and silo

  • Semi-transparent GRP allowing contents level to be checked

  • Smooth interior for constant flow of feed

  • 60º Cone angle as standard

  • High and low discharge silos available

  • Discharge options - Manual guilliotine , side bagging shute, auger systems 

EB Fibre Glass Silos

Side Discharge


Feed Silos


10 Tonne with bagging shute

Feed Silos


Canvas Silos



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